Seattle Mayor Declares December 16th to be Pacific Fishermen & PFI Electric Day

Professional Ship and Yacht Repair to 300 Ft. Since 1946

Pacific Fishermen is a full service shipyard established in 1946 to service tugboats,
passenger cruise, charter boats and yachts as well as the traditional fishing vessels.

Located on Ballard’s Salmon Bay just east of the Hiram M. Chittenden¬†Locks on the freshwater side,
Pacific Fishermen continues its rich heritage, with fine craftsmanship and a dedicated workforce.

  • 145 Ft. x 600 Ton Covered Lift Dock and Sidetrack for Climate Controlled Work
  • UL 508 Certified Panel Shop & Marine SwitchBoard Manufacturer
  • Three Marine Ways 160 Ft. x 600 Tons
  • PFI Electric Dutch Harbor
  • Marine Electrical Wiring
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Fishing Vessels, Work Boats, Tugs,
Passenger Excursion Vessels,
Oil Spill Recovery Vessels
Charter Vessels and Private Yachts